Technical and Performance Data  Betta Stone products

 Performance of Betta Stone under Independent Laboratory Testing

 Impact Test cm

 Evidence of cracking < 0.01 4kg/100cm/sq

 Evidence of Crazing < 0.01 4kg/100cm/sq

 Porosity - Excellent

 Beetroot juice < 0.01 24 hours

 Red wine < 0.01 24 hours

 Citrus juice None 24 hours

 Water < 0.01 24 hours

 Scratch None 1.5kg/100cm/sq

 UV protection 6-7 out 7 Atlas Ci4000 Weathermeter at 63 degC/ (ISO 105-B02-1994 MOD)

  30% relative humidity at 420nm.

 Scrub Abrasion < 0.01 3000cycles/140mm

 Heat resistance No physical damage Metal pot heated to 200 Deg/c with cooking oil

 Flammability Test AS/NZS 1530.3-1999. Face tested

Ignitability Index 6 Range 0-20 Part 3: Simultaneous Determination

Spread of Flame Index 3 Range 0-10 of Ignitability, Flame propagation

Heat Evolved Index 3 Range 0-10 Heat release

Smoke Developed Index 7 Range 0-10 Smoke

 Slab Size

 Betta Stone benchtop dimensions are from 2,000 mm to 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 20mm thickness

Betta Stone benchtop dimensions are 2000 mm to 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 10 mm thickness.

 The 1500 mm width purposely developed  to give greater flexibility in design.

 Slab  Weight

 20 mm 180-190 kg 40-42 kg/m2

 8-10mm 90-100 kg 28-31 kg/m2

Patterns will vary depending on each slab, which is a unique characteristic of recycled glass bench tops as each piece is handcrafted individually. It is advised that potential users of Betta Stone to view whole slab where possible. The composition of recycled glass particles used in the products may sometimes produce minor irregularities such as crazing in the grains, blotches, spots, coloured particles.

Betta Stone Pty Ltd is the manufacturer of Betta Stone products and the Installation and Fabrication is carried out by Independent Fabricators.

 Please refer to product information for care and SDS from Betta Stone



Product Information

All Betta Stone product carry 10 year Warranty.

Daily care and maintenance 

General routine cleaning, use small quantity of non-bleach, non-abrasive cleaners  with luke warm water and a damp cloth or sponge. Spills including fruits, vegetables, food colourings and curries, should be wiped up instantly followed by cleaning  with a mild detergent and water. Betta Stone is durable, highly stain resistant and UV protected.

Scratch prevention

Chopping boards must be used for cutting and ensuring not to drop or move heavy or any sharp objects on the surface will help to maintain long lasting durability  of Bettastone. The durable surface of Bettastone has been designed to withstand normal daily use. Whilst it is resistant to scratches, cuts and chipping, do not cut directly on the Bettastone surface.

Heat damage prevention

Protective trivets and heat pads must be used underneath cookware such as skillets, saucepans, pots or dishes when removing hot items directly from any heat source (oven, cooktop or microwave) and placing onto the Betta Stone surface. Test for heat resistance is if it is too hot to touch with hands than it is too hot for the bench top.

Chemical damage prevention

There are some harsh chemicals and solvents that can cause damage to Betta Stone. Paint remover, paint and stain strippers, nail polish removers, concentrated bleach (such as undiluted Domestos) etc.

Difficult spills and stains for gloss surfaces, if regular cleaning procedures do not remove stubborn or dried spills/stains, use a non-abrasive cleaning pad such as a household sponge, along with a glass and surface cleaner or “cream jiff”.

Please note: many cream cleansers have been found to contain abrasives that may damage the polished surface of Betta Stone and are not endorsed for use.

The Betta Stone surface must be wet with water and a small amount of “Jif Cream Cleanser” applied with a damp soft cloth. Use only light pressure and clean with a circular motion. Maintain the area wet with small of quantity of water to allow the fine cleaning particles to gently remove the stain. For all surface finishes, red wine and other harsh stains can be removed with a diluted bleach solution (a 50:50 mix of “Domestos Regular cleaner” and water). Do not allow the bleach to remain on the surface for longer than one minute. 

For further assistance on daily care please call Betta Stone on 03 93593973.