Betta Stone maintains quality and affordability while producing environmentally sustainable products. Like natural stone, each product is different and each slab has its own unique pattern and colour. Betta Stone products provide a vibrant colour range and are made from 100% recycled glass. Each individual slab diverts around 200 kg of glass waste from landfill, leading to a 134 kg reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Crystalline Silica Free

Thanks to the production processes the final product is also crystalline silica free and less wear heavy on cutting tools. Betta Stone products provide customers with a perfectly sized slab ranging from 2000 to 3000 mm by 1500 mm by 20mm, this allows enough material for the average medium sized kitchen. The recycling potential of glass allows all the Betta Stone products and cut offs have the capacity to be recycled and reused.


Betta Stone products are a statement in design and sustainability, combining the elegance of natural stone and a 100% recyclable product design. The entire supply chain is 100% Australian made, from sourcing the recycled glass to pressing the final product.


Betta Stone is a Melbourne based company leading the way in circular economy across Australia. By using waste glass that is destined for landfill or storage and repurposing it, Betta Stone is tying off the loose ends of Australia’s recycling industry all while stimulating economy. 

Currently the 1.36 million tonnes of glass waste produced each year is piling up in warehouses and landfills across Australia. Betta Stone is taking these stagnant resources and converting them into high quality sustainable building materials for kitchens, restaurants, cafes and office spaces. 

With around 35% of all recycling waste being glass, there is a major supply of otherwise wasted resources that Betta Stone has identified and now utilised. Betta Stone products can be reused and reprocessed which creates an innovative loop system for glass to re-circulate through development and economy.

By engineering high end sustainable products from otherwise wasted material Betta Stone is changing the way “waste” is perceived across Australia.