Betta Stone is a Melbourne based company leading the way in circular economy across Australia. By using waste glass that is destined for landfill or storage and repurposing it, Betta Stone is tying off the loose ends of Australia’s recycling industry all while stimulating economy. 

Currently the 1.36 million tonnes of glass waste produced each year is piling up in warehouses and landfills across Australia. Betta Stone is taking these stagnant resources and converting them into high quality sustainable building materials for kitchens, restaurants, cafes and office spaces. 

With around 35% of all recycling waste being glass, there is a major supply of otherwise wasted resources that Betta Stone has identified and now utilised. Betta Stone products can be reused and reprocessed which creates an innovative loop system for glass to re-circulate through development and economy.

By engineering high end sustainable products from otherwise wasted material Betta Stone is changing the way “waste” is perceived across Australia.