Installation & Care Guide

General Information for Fabrication and Installation

  • Slab Dimensions: 3000 x 1500 x 20mm thick

  • Prolonged Slab Storage: Under cover away from harsh weather

  • 20mm Edge Treatment: For exposed 20mm edges, chamfer or radius the exposed edge 3 to 6mm to minimize chipping (never leave sharp edges)
    Hand polish the edges and apply 2 coats of Lithofin Stain Stop or Nano Top sealer. These should not need to be reapplied over time.

  • 20mm Overhang: Refer to the table below

Overhang (mm)

Support Requirement

Up to 300mm

No support needed unless the overhang is likely to take heavy loads, eg., people sitting. This limit is then reduced to 200mm

300 - 500mm

Benchtop mounted onto 18mm HR Particleboard or MDF substrate which is supported at 600mm centres via steel flat bars or brackets. Refer to Stonemason or Joiner for typical details

More than 500mm

Benchtop must be supported by posts, panels or columns

  • Clearances for Cooktops and Ovens: The Australian Standard AG/601-AS5601 stipulates how much space is required around cooktops.
    • Gas Cooktop: 200mm from burner to vertical surface

    • Electric Cooktop: 50mm from edge of cooktop to vertical surface

    • Oven: Ovens are usually well insulated by design and the skin of the oven usually won't get hot enough to cause issues. Different brands and models are built differently though, so you should always check the clearance requirements and recommendations for your specific oven with the oven's manufacturer

  • General Fabrication:

    • Tooling: Betta Stone is fabricated and installed using the same methods and tooling employed on reconstituted/natural stone.

    • Support: Ensure bench top is adequately supported in areas of joins, cut-outs and over areas where the appliance is installed. Install Betta Stone on cabinets with plinths to give reinforced support and ensure that the base is level.

    • Joining Slabs: Where benchtops/island benches are longer than 2950mm, pieces will need to be joined. The jointing methodology is the same as engineered / natural stone benchtops.

    • Dishwasher and Microwaves: A solid top from the same material as the carcass should be installed above dishwasher and microwave

    • Chemicals: Betta Stone does not recommend use of acetone for cleaning after the adhesive nor the use of Duct Tape on the countertop

Daily Care & Maintenance

  • Routine cleaning: use a small quantity of non-bleach, non-abrasive cleaners with lukewarm water and a damp cloth or sponge. Spills including fruits, vegetables, food colorings and curries, should be wiped off and followed by cleaning with a mild detergent and water.

  • Cleaning difficult stains: If regular cleaning procedures do not remove stubborn or dried spills/stains, use a non-abrasive cleaning pad such as a household sponge, along with a glass and surface cleaner or “Jif Cream Cleanser”. Use only light pressure and clean with a circular motion. Ensure the area is wet with water to allow the fine cleaning particles to gently remove the stain.
    Do not use steel wool or harsh chemicals such as paint remover, paint and stain strippers, nail polish removers, acetone, concentrated bleach (such as undiluted Domestos) etc

  • Chopping and cutting food: Use a cutting board. Do not cut directly onto the benchtop