Safe Sustainable Stone Benchtops

Innovation, sustainability, safety and style combine in luxurious surfaces to elevate any project.

At Betta Stone, we’re proud to lead the industry in handcrafting high-end products that seamlessly blend exceptional design with our commitment to human and environmental health. 

Our patented technology transforms recyclable glass diverted from Australian landfills into stunning and highly durable benchtops, harnessing a valuable circular economy resource to create a safe, sustainable and affordable product without the harmful silica found in engineered stone. 

Betta Stone has all the warmth and individuality of natural stone with durability performance equal to the best engineered stones. Available in a vibrant range of shades, it is the superior choice for commercial, retail and residential projects. 

We’re 100% Australian owned and made, meeting the needs of our customers nation-wide with unparalleled responsiveness and speed to keep your project moving at pace.

The Betta Stone Difference


Beautiful benchtops shouldn’t come at a cost to human health. Betta Stone’s unique production process ensures our products have only trace levels (under 1%) of crystalline silica. Rigorously tested in NATA-approved laboratories, it offers an unprecedented level of safety at every stage, from manufacturing to cutting, installation and everyday use.


Our products contain over 80% recycled glass reclaimed from Australian waste streams, driving circular economy innovation while delivering extraordinary strength, durability, functionality and beauty. We source and produce everything locally.

Made In Australia

Betta Stone is 100% Australian owned and made, right throughout our supply chain. This means we’re not only growing a new sustainable industry for Australia; we’re also more agile and able to provide exceptional customer service and superior products with faster lead times.

Boundless Innovation

We’ve poured passion and expertise into delivering optimum safety and sustainability without compromising on design – but we’re not resting there. Continuously refining our technologies, we’re leading the field in developing safe, sustainable, beautiful products. Betta Stone is a patented product.

Our Projects

An image of a kitchen with a large island Bench, with bar stools sitting underneath it. A modern feature pendant light sits over the bench top

Casablanca Colour @ Greenwich NSW

An image of a shop with flowers and beauty products presented neatly on benchtops and shelving

Casablanca Counter Tops @ L’occitane Westfield Bondi Junction

T2 tea boxes in the background with a floral teacup and saucer sitting on a marble bench top in the foreground

Budapest Drift @ T2 Tea Bondi Junction Plaza

A curved Benchtop with coffee signage on the end, with a Barista in the background making coffee

Budapest Drift Countertop @ Woolworths Syd Park Metro Erskineville

A benchtop with an array of food and commercial items sitting on the top

Casablanca @ Lush Melbourne Central

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We’ve handcrafted our products to offer all the best characteristics of engineered and natural stone without the drawbacks. Our technological process delivers premium materials that are:

  • Equally as durable as the highest quality engineered stone products
  • Simple to maintain, without the need for specialised products
  • Sustainable, made using recycled glass diverted from Australian landfills
  • Safe, containing less that 1% crystalline silica and fully compliant with the Australian Government’s recent ban on engineered stone
  • Locally owned and made, enabling us to support and supply product to meet the project demands and develop new colours within a short timeframe.

Talk to our team today to explore all these benefits and more for your project.

Following a rise in silicosis and other silica-related diseases in people working with engineered stone, Australia’s federal and state/territory governments have unanimously agreed to prohibit the use, supply and manufacture of engineered stone. This is a welcome development for the prevention of avoidable disease and death, with most jurisdictions enacting these product bans from 1 July 2024.

Betta Stone is an environmentally sustainable alternative to engineered stone that contains only trace levels (under 1%) of crystalline silica. Cured slabs do not pose any health hazards related to inhalation, skin contact, eye contact or ingestion, making it safe for workers at every stage of the production, cutting and installation process. Through ongoing research and development, our team is working to reduce the trace silica levels in our product down to zero.

Read our safety data documentation here.

Betta Stone’s groundbreaking, patented technology fuses recycled glass with a binding agent and pigments to manufacture sustainable, highly durable benchtops and splashbacks containing only trace levels (less than 1%) of crystalline silica. The 100% Australian-made product is cut using conventional engineered stone cutting methods and offers significantly less wear on cutting tools. Our materials are produced with a stunning matt finish requiring no further polishing, while edges can be polished using standard handheld polishers.

Our benchtops and splashbacks can be used in a diverse array of settings across commercial, retail and residential projects. Betta Stone’s high-quality finishes, durability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance make it ideal for high-traffic applications such as café benchtops, commercial and residential kitchens, retail countertops and reception areas. It has been in use over many years in retail stores such as L’Occitane, T2 and Nandos.

Betta Stone benchtops are installed in the same way as other natural or engineered stone benchtops and are joined using similar adhesives. 

Cleaning and maintenance of Betta Stone benchtops is simple, requiring only regular kitchen cleaning products. For stubborn stains, we recommend using a cream cleanser with a non-abrasive sponge and lukewarm water.

Please refer to our installation and care guide for more information.

Finished slabs are available in a standard 20mm thickness of 3000 x 1500mm, which allows enough material for an average medium-sized kitchen. Slabs can be custom cut to size within these dimensions.

Note: Edges need to be trimmed. A safe useable area assumption is 2900 x 1400 mm.

Refer to our technical information document for more information.

Useful Resources

Technical Information

Installation, Care & Maintenance Guide

Safety Data Sheet